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Are you living with integrity? This is the question that Erik Erikson puts to us in our full maturity. This is a test of a life well-lived.

In his new book, Dr. Cooper gives us a template for how to achieve integrity as opposed to despair through examining the adventure of our lives.

Life is an adventure, according to Dr. Mark Cooper. Using the well-known psychologist Erik Erikson’s eight stages of development, Dr. Cooper shows how we can live more fully by taking an essential inventory of each stage.

Introducing the new book by D. Mark Cooper

Using his own life as an example, Dr. Cooper maps the adventure of moving through life from earliest childhood to retirement and beyond, showing the ways in which choices we make can help us make the most of each stage.

Dr. Cooper has a lifetime of experience as a therapist and adult educator and he has chosen adventure at each step of his own journey. Moving from the earliest experience of the mind’s development within the family of origin to exploration of spirituality in the middle stages of life as we explore career and intimacy to the valuing of the body in later stages, Dr. Cooper shows us how we are shaped by and can shape our life journey.

Dr. Cooper’s new book is now available on Amazon!